innovation fellows: bringing 
creativity to higher education

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As an Innovation Fellow, I utilize the human-centered design methodology to create programs and promote innovative initiatives at Colgate University. This position affords me the opportunity to think critically outside of the classroom on how to problem-solve and tackle the challenges faced on campus. 

Key Skills

human-centered design / stakeholder management / workshop facilitation / brainstorming 


January 2020 - Present 


Innovation Center 

-  Created the Innovation Center, a student-led endeavor to bolster creativity on academic projects, fellowship applications, and entrepreneurial endeavors 

-  Coordinated with directors of resources on campus in the development of the Innovation Nexus, a campus co-coalition promoting millions of dollars of underutilized resources and technologies to students

- Facilitated 12 brainstorming sessions for Megageology students creating an innovative project to convey course material such as a board game on the creation of stars 


Human-Centered Design Workshops 

-  Designed and facilitated an hour-long workshop on idea generation for Colgate's staff network association (Colgate Hello) and a 3-hour long orientation program for Colgate's entrepreneur program (TIA) on interviewing  

- Learned group facilitation skills and how to promote creative thinking in others when using a human-centric approach 


Reimagining Colgate's Resources 

- Developing website to better navigate Colgate's 100+ resources through personalized quiz guiding students to resources that fit their need  

- Designed and distributed user survey to 71 students on their knowledge and usage of resources on campus as the basis of this project (see on left)