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At Americares - a global disaster relief non-profit - improving health outcomes is at the core of the work. As the Innovation Intern, I was given the task of creating a framework to incorporate human-centered design within the company's work in order to leverage the voice of patients and staff in order to improve health outcomes. 

Key Skills

human-centered design / interviewing / workshop facilitation / ideation 


June 2021 - August 2021


Guide on Human-Centered Design

- Created a 45-page guide on the essence of human-centered design and techniques that could be used for the 5 phases (e.g. empathy and ideation) of the methodology

- Developing a comprehensive starting point for Americares to implement human-centered design techniques in future program development  

- Compiled a resource bank of 30+ guides, articles, and videos from across the web for further exploration of Americares staff looking to learn about human-centered design and incorporating innovative thinking in a non-profit


Workshop on Asking Questions 

-  Designed and facilitated a 90 minute workshop titled The Art of Asking Questions for a group of 40+ Americares including the COO and senior vice-presidents in programing

- Developing toolkit to have people think critically of the questions they ask and how to excel in user interviews (e.g. using empathy maps) 


Developing Advisory Council 

- Worked alongside US Programs team in their development of a national advisory council of 50 patients and providers using a human-centered design approach 

- Created promotional material to educate participants on the essence of human-centered design and by creating a facilitator guide for council meetings


Discovering the Forefront of Humanitarian Technology

- Conducted 13 interviews with field office managers around the world to understand what needs they had could be solved through new innovations

- Researched 60+ technologies and innovations that were presented to programs teams around the world as solutions to their needs